Sometimes It's Hard To Keep Your Head Up
such a loser

Category: DreamsMood: Strange3:17pm Friday, September 26th, 2014

Okay, well, I got another polite rejection. Each one is so hard to deal with. It's so hard to press on and keep going. Keep putting myself out there, keep sending out the query, welcoming more and more rejections in my inbox. Of course, each time I get a reply I open it with a mix of trepidation and excitement, hoping with every fiber of my being they request the full manuscript, but bracing myself for another letdown. But I won't quit. I'll never quit. I wish I knew the magic words to put in my query that would make an agent take interest in reading the manuscript. Until then, I'll keep tweaking the query and sending it out. Tweak and send, tweak and send. All the while, Garfunkel and Oates' Such A Loser will remain in my head, cheering me on.

Kevin Dicks

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      Kevin Dicks, hereafter to be referred to as "I", is, first and foremost, a writer. I am working on several novels, and if you are interested you can follow my progress at my The Fiction of Kevin Dicks Facebook page. I also like to dabble in web design. I'm most comfortable scripting in PHP, woven with JavaScript for client-side functions. I am currently trying to expand my understanding of JavaScript into a grasp of Java and I would like to branch out to creating Android and Google Chrome applications. Mostly, I have a need for several personalized apps, and if I do well on those, I may consider creating some fun free apps for the Android Market.

      I work at a company doing something for a living. I hate it from the deepest depths of my soul.

      All I want out of life is to be able to earn enough to live comfortably off my writing. It is my one, singular goal: Make writing my soul source of income and live comfortably.