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Category: FictionMood: Accomplished10:32pm Friday, October 31st, 2014

This is the meat of my latest agent query letter that I will be sending out soon:

Cat Duffy is sure she knows who she is and what is important to her until she hears voices that can't be real. Now she must examine everything she believes. And she will soon discover that her entire life has been carefully built on a solid foundation of lies.

Cat is feeling lonely after moving from the bustling city to a secluded house in the mountains. Then she hears the voices. As a child, she'd been raised to believe her invisible playmates were imaginary. She eventually stopped seeing them. Now they are back, and she thinks they might have been real all along. As she explores her newfound spirituality, her husband expresses his dislike of the changes he sees in her, and shows her a side of himself that she doesn't like much, either. If she continues communicating with the spirits, she risks destroying her marriage. If she ignores the voices, a serial killer may remain on the loose, and the spirits may turn to her five-year-old son for help.

Kevin Dicks

About Kevin Dicks

      Kevin Dicks, hereafter to be referred to as "I", is, first and foremost, a writer. I am working on several novels, and if you are interested you can follow my progress at my The Fiction of Kevin Dicks Facebook page. I also like to dabble in web design. I'm most comfortable scripting in PHP, woven with JavaScript for client-side functions. I am currently trying to expand my understanding of JavaScript into a grasp of Java and I would like to branch out to creating Android and Google Chrome applications. Mostly, I have a need for several personalized apps, and if I do well on those, I may consider creating some fun free apps for the Android Market.

      I work at a company doing something for a living. I hate it from the deepest depths of my soul.

      All I want out of life is to be able to earn enough to live comfortably off my writing. It is my one, singular goal: Make writing my soul source of income and live comfortably.